Hello, everyone! I have some announcements as far as how this blog is going to look over the next month... First and foremost: my school year has begun yet again. This is my last year at community college, and I am packing in as many classes as I can before I transfer out. (I was... Continue Reading →

Beauty Friday: Glossier Boy Brow

Happy Friday, everyone! The school year has started and everything is finally starting to fall back into a regular schedule. (Although I must say my first day back this school year was more chaotic than most.) That all being said, I've really had some time to try out a bunch of new cosmetics... and none... Continue Reading →

Astrological Overview: September 2017

Hello, lovely readers! The hurricane has blown through here, and although my entire area is still healing, life is beginning to return to normal. August was a whirlwind, astrologically and here on the physical plane.  It should be a relief to you that Mercury goes direct in Leo on September 5th. Finally! It's Virgo's time... Continue Reading →

Hurricane Hiatus

As you all have probably heard, the Houston area is taking a serious beating from Harvey. Never has a hurricane just decided to park it on top of us, before! I'm incredibly fortunate, though, and living in an area where the flooding is minimal.  That all being said, I won't be putting up anything until... Continue Reading →

Eclipse Madness: What happened? 

Hello everyone, Monday is here and you know what that means: the Solar Eclipse! Oh, and the dawn of Virgo season, if all your Virgo friends/ Beyoncé fans haven't been hounding you about it yet. I don't know about you guys, but since the 8th, life has been absolutely insane. I'm gonna talk about it... Continue Reading →

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