My first ever blog post!

Hello, everyone… anyone… internet in general! This is my first entry in my open letter to the world, and strangely enough I’m at a bit of a loss as to what exactly I’d like to say. I suppose the sparkly clean/completely empty theme page is a little overwhelming. A self introduction is probably a good place to start.

As of right now, I’m a Sophomore in college– Illustration is my major, if you were wondering. I’ll be adding a portfolio page soon. I went to art school last year, and I’m taking a breather with community college classes to figure out exactly where my path is taking me. Probably California. Maine wasn’t my cup of craft beer. I spent most of my free time there escaping the cold inside of a generously heated Planet Fitness.

That being said, health and fitness are near and dear to my heart, and I am a relatively new member of the vegan community (as of January 1st)! I’ll probably have a lot to say about workouts and meals, as I get asked these kinds of questions at just about every party I’ve ever been to… along with “Are those your real nails,” and “Is that your real hair?” Skincare and beauty are a part of the health package for me, too, and probably my favorite parts. The vegan makeup hunt continues.

But I’d have to say that my favorite subject is anything under the “spirituality” umbrella. Manifestation, crystal healing, palm reading, so on and so forth. Astrology is hands down my favorite, though. My heart is in the stars! The subject creeps into many of my every day conversations. Or maybe all of them. Definitely most of them– along with the 7 Laws of Attraction. There will be more on that later.

Is that it, though? Well… probably not.

The adventure begins today!







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