The moon is full in Scorpio…

As a Scorpio, I can say today is kind of like Christmas Day. I’ve been hyping myself up about it since the Libra moon last month (as that’s my boyfriend’s sign). Watching the moon grow each night for the past three or four days has been exciting… but the real point to this post is that the Scorpio energy hanging in the air can be tapped into by anyone….

Scorpio is the fixed sign of water. Water energy is emotional, complex, and hard to express with words. Fixed signs are stable and sure of themselves and their perceptions (at their highest capacity). This is a recipe for private emotional experience… either brooding or intimacy, and not much in between. Along these lines, you’ve probably read that Scorpio is the ruler of the reproductive system.

It may be in your best interest to cater to those… opportunities today/tonight. Detail not necessary. There is a bigger picture though, and the other side of Scorpio is death. Or, in different words, transformation. Pluto rules Scorpio, and the Greek name for Pluto is… Hades. Catch what I’m throwing?

Tonight may be the best night of the year to purge. Remove all that does not serve you with a swift hand. People, mindsets, habits. Dependencies. Toxicity. The energy is there for you to take. Embrace it.

Kill the old self that wasn’t strong enough.

Happy moongazing!


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