2017 New Moon in Gemini

In December of last year, I found the Gemini full moon to be especially powerful and providing of clarity for me. As the Gemini new moon approaches, I have a few focuses I’m attending to….

In general, new moon energy is similar to the full moons’, but with a focus on cleansing. You embrace Libra energy, for example, in a full moon to add to your character. But in, say, an Aries new moon, you can purge with as much fiery and violent force as you see fit. The energy is there for you. For this Gemini supermoon, the word you need to remember is insight.

As the mutable sign of air, Gemini at its highest expression is the master of taking things as they come. “Do not go against the current, instead, use the power of the river as your own.” Been trying to force things to manifest lately? More likely than not, you’re focusing on the lack instead of the presence. Find peace in your state of chaos, and the state itself is transformed. If you find your stubbornness or headstrong tendencies making life more difficult, this would be the night to sort it out.

It’s the butt of most Gemini hating jokes, but Geminis are also the most naturally proficient sign at looking at things from multiple perspectives. It can border on advocacy of the Devil, but more so than not your Gemini friends are your useful voices of reason. (Whether or not you asked.) If you are someone who boxes themselves into things or has trouble with personal limitations, tonight is the night to sort it out.

Communication, scholarship, and well-rounded-ness are the key traits of Gemini. So, under this new moon, speak clearly, and directly, to yourself and others. Be honest about how you feel and what you truly want… regardless of the filters of “possible” we usually apply to these things. Dream big and enact even bigger. The Gemini-Sagittarius axis we’re moving through is the best time to do it!

(P.S. I’m taking an astronomy class next semester and I can’t. Wait. To share. What I learn.)

Happy stargazing!


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