Poetry Fridays!

Last semester I took a creative writing class, and I was surprised at how much I enjoyed poetry… and how much I didn’t enjoy writing short stories, which is what I signed up to do. I have quite a few poems piled up from the semester, so I thought why not put them up for people to see every Friday?

This is the first poem I’ve ever written, done back in September of 2016. My teacher liked it, but he wanted it to be longer. It’s about wine. (This is the revised version!)

Stella Rosa

It burns at first,

I’m reluctant.

This overstimulating over-saturation

creeps, a buzzing crescendo.

My sheltered history makes itself immediately

apparent, obnoxious–

Inexperience bumbling, falling,

learning how to walk.

The reverbs from its wandering

shake my chest and stomach in tandem,

While carmine depths of convolution

coil cognizance with inclination…

Professor Parsons said that he felt it “unfinished,” like this was a segment of a story he was itching to know the rest of. Well, last Summer I shared my first ever bottle of wine with a certain blue-eyed Libra and I was not about to divulge the emotional implications of that in front of a community college class. Oops! I’m pretty happy with it, nonetheless, considering it was my first ever poem. I was the first person to go up for workshop and I was especially nervous, since the implications were a little private. But it was simultaneously well received and not-very-well analyzed (or maybe I was just too stubbornly secretive). Then again, no one seemed to realize it was about alcohol until the professor said it aloud.

I have at least another month’s worth of work from that semester, and I’m sure I’ll be writing more as the Summer progresses… so stay tuned! As always, I’d love to hear what anyone has to say about the piece, even if it’s just an anonymous message telling me it’s terrible. (Well, could you at least tell me why it’s terrible?)

Eager to share,


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