Fragrant Potions (Essential Oils for Beginners)

Courtesy to my mother, I have recently discovered the no-less-than miracle of essential oils. This is by no means a comprehensive list, as there are libraries worth of information on this, but I’ve more or less compiled a list of especially handy essential oils for beginners.
First and foremost, the reason I decided to write about this topic- peppermint oil is an instantaneous headache killer! A dollop of carrier oil (coconut or sweet almond are my favorites) mixed with a single drop of peppermint does the trick. Seriously! Mix this up and rub into the temples for a minute or so, or if you don’t want to mess up your contour, rub your hands together and cup them in front of your face while inhaling. This is a life changer. No more liver-damaging pain killers! I carry a pre-mixed roller ball container of it with me now.

Next, geranium oil has miraculous stress-reducing effects. I honestly didn’t believe this when my mom told me about it. But, low and behold, I used one of her homemade geranium oil salves and my finals week stress was instantly alleviated. It has a strong, floral smell without too much sweetness. I keep a roller of this in my purse, too.

I am officially bacteria free now, but when I was dealing with strep, I used tea tree oil to disinfect my toothbrush and diluted it for an antibacterial gargle. My mom uses this in all her homemade cleaning products, as well, the oil being a much less toxic alternative to harsh chemicals.

Maybe the most relevant right now, I’m dealing with some pretty intense seasonal allergies and using oil of oregano topically, I get better relief that with an antihistamine. It is also much faster acting– within minutes! Five drops of a carrier to one drop of oregano, and you’re set. My mom puts it directly on her face, but as a makeup fiend I opt for my décolletage/neck area instead. This has been an absolute life saver.

As I learn more, I’ll share more, but these effects have proven extremely helpful so far. (Especially the peppermint!) So, the next time you stop by Whole Foods, consider taking a look at their options.

Mixing potions,


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