2017 Sagittarius Full Moon

Hello, everyone! Happy Friday!

Tonight, or rather very early tomorrow morning, the moon becomes full in Sagittarius. There are a few things to keep in mind in order to embrace the energy and make it of use to you….

Full moons, in general, represent a completion of a rotation, enlightenment, and growth. This is especially true this month, with an emphasis on knowledge

Sagittarius is the mutable sign of fire… scholarly, playful, and always on the hunt for new information. Rather than spending the night focusing on studies and the like, this moon calls us to complete a cycle. This is the last full moon of Spring. Reflect– what have you learned? What has 2017 taught you so far, and how far do you have left to go? Think of this like a final review before a big test… because this Summer, there are big changes in the air. They are tangible.  

Sagittarius is ruled by Jupiter, or in Greek mythology, Zeus. Boss of the pantheon, throwing lightening bolts willy nilly, laughter booming across the land as thunder. As the optimist and comedian of the stars, the day will be light, and the night will err on mischief. Above all, Sagittarius is free, so do what you want, and follow your heart. Take this energy with you wherever you go! It is a night to play, be with friends, adventure, and all around prioritize joy. 

Happy moongazing!


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