Astrological Overview: July 2017

The first of an ongoing series, in this post I’ll be talking about all of the star-related events I attend to, and what I’m keeping in mind this month. I’m by no means an expert, but I think that overall, most expert explanations go over peoples’ heads, including my own. My intent is to inform you of all the most important space things happening, and what they mean for you! Consider it a general horoscope backed up by the astrological movements that I found most pertinent. Conversational astrology? 

That being said, he month starts off with a lot of energy electrifying the air. Not only is it Cancer season, a time of emotional straight-forwardness and expression, but on the 2nd, a Mars-Pluto opposition is exact. A day of intensity and confrontation, specifically with Aries and Scorpio in mind. Similarly, anyone who has opposing signs in their Mars or Pluto chart placements may be butting heads more than usual. Maybe fire and water signs should stay away from eachother.

This month’s full moon falls on the 9th in Capricorn. Aspirations, goals, and mountains to climb will clear themselves of any mist that might surround them. Anyone with Capricorn in their Sun, Moon, Jupiter, or Saturn placements are bound to have a fire lit beneath them. Similarly, any Saturn-dominant charts will feel it, as well. A night of pondering big steps and bigger rewards. Aquarius, being partially ruled by Saturn as well, may feel similar growth in resolve of humanitarianism and fellowship. 

On the 18th, Venus and Jupiter form a trine during the afternoon, which may be a godsend for some people in the middle of Cancer season. Take a breather. Love and light will be in the air, regardless of whether you manifested them yourself. Libra, Taurus, and Sagittarius will all be able to relax a little easier. A representative from three of the four elements certainly helps to calm people down in the time of the cardinal watery-ness that is Cancer. 

But, the Sun moves into its favored Leo on the 22nd. Warmth will make itself known outside of temperature. Pride, too, and probably stubbornness. Honesty will hang in the air, and perhaps the mutuable Gemini, Virgo, and Pisces won’t be as easily swayed today. This could shift some interpersonal dynamics, especially with family or roommates. Don’t finish anyone’s leftovers without asking them until Virgo season starts. 

Immediately after this, the night of the 23rd, the moon is new in Leo. New moons are all about cleansing, but, seeing as Leo is the fixed sign of fire, I’d say that night is the night to stick by your values with burning conviction… and filter out those things that don’t instigate the same passion. I’ll write a full post about that when the night comes!

Thank you so much for reading, and by all means, if you have specific questions pertaining to any astrological guidance… you are more than welcome to contact me. 

Looking towards the stars,


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