Allergies, Anxiety and Saharan Dust

Hello, everyone! I was on vacation this Monday, so excuse the late post (I’ll post an update beforehand next time). I finished up meeting the rest of my boyfriend’s family over the holiday weekend, so you can bet I was distracted! But, that being said, my summer classes are ending on the 11th, so I’ll have half a season to really generate some content for you to see. 

Getting to the point here, though… I have not followed my cut plan for two weeks. Gasp! I know, I know. I was excited about it, too. But here’s the deal. Approximately around the day of June 27th (my aunt’s birthday, by the way) a cloud of desert dust swept its way across the ocean, from the Sahara desert itself, and landed over the Southern U.S. and the Gulf of Mexico. Right over my head! But this I did not know. 

The abc newscaster made it clear that people with allergies and asthma should be weary. Oh, okay. I think I got that part down. I panic-visited the local minute clinic out of fear of suffocation on the 27th, and me feeling as grave as I did, the doctor gave me an emergency inhaler and recommendation for a chest x-ray. (And antibiotics and steroids that made me astoundingly hangry for their five day dosage…) Basically, without having any allergen awareness, that doctor played directly into my hypochondriac tendencies and I fell down the anxiety rabbit hole for almost a week. Oops. I might have eaten an entire package of vegan gluten-free snickerdoodles I got from the grocery store the next day. But maybe I didn’t do that. 

On Saturday, I drove out of town to the coast, and suddenly everything felt better! Dust was definitely in my lungs at that point, but I think the lack of whatever tree/grass/evil plant that lives farther inland made my symptoms more or less disappear. Not to mention that being on vacation was a huge relief to my anxiety. I love the people in my life more than anything, but I think I need more days where I don’t touch my phone, worry-free….

Long story short: put your overall health first! No bikini season cut will ever be as important as your mental wellbeing. Get fit the right way, or don’t worry about it at all. And whenever you feel yourself starting to short-circuit, go to bed! Do some deep breathing! You got this!

And… so do I. 

Staying centered,


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