Abraham: The First 70 Pages

I’ve been keeping it to myself for the most part, eagerly at that, but I have been doing a close read of Esther and Jerry Hicks’ work The Law of Attraction: The Basic Teachings of Abraham. (Here‘s a link to it on Amazon, whom I am affiliated with, on that note.) Seriously, I’m annotating it like an early high school AP English assignment. Notes and orange streaks all the way through. I’d been planning on doing a review/elaboration/interpretation post all about this profound work… but there’s way too much to say about it in a single article! So, here goes– part one of my review of the Abraham teachings. 

The inciting incident of this extraordinary series is, to me, especially compelling. The long and short of it is as follows: The Hicks found themselves interested in mediums, specifically those who channeled spirits (non-physical entities, as it were). Jerry had an experience with a ouija board early in life that more or less prompted a deep-set curiosity. His wife was not so open to the idea at first. Seth Speaks, a series of books composed of messages from a said non-physical entity caught Jerry’s eye, and Esther wanted nothing to do with them. But the idea grew on her. So much so, the couple sought out other “channel-ers.” They met with a woman named Sheila, who channeled an entity named Theo. Among tips about affirmations and meditation, Theo shared that spiritual guides are available to everyone… something that shocked them both.

Thus, the hint of Abraham crept its way into their lives. Esther and Jerry followed the meditation guidelines: sit in a quiet room and let your mind wander, for 15 minutes a day, while focusing on your breathing. Esther noticed her head bobbing gently, and thought nothing of it until she realized she was spelling the alphabet with her nose! Rather, something was spelling it, using her nose as a pen. The first thing it said was: “I am Abraham. I am your spiritual guide. I love you. I am here to work with you.” The nose stated it wanted to type, the fingers typed messages, and the channeling of Abraham began. This first book in the series is comprised entirely of Abraham answering Jerry’s questions about life and its workings.

So, here’s where the lessons begin! And my Virgo-moon-typical methodical analysis. (I can’t help it. It’s in my Human Design, too.) The first pages of Part II define the Universal Law of Attraction: “That which is like unto itself, is drawn.”  It’s all about vibrational frequency; what you feel/ what you are is a vibration, and similar vibrations are drawn to you. It’s as simple and as complicated as that. Abraham states: “…see yourself as a magnet attracting unto you the essence of that which you are thinking and feeling.”  So, what you attend to is manifested into your physical reality. You’re inviting it into your experience, in Abraham’s words.

This is the part where I interject. There is a serious problem with mindset accountability in our current culture. I’ll elaborate. How can you feel responsible for your own thoughts when the word “neurotypical” is thrown around like rotten tomatoes online? Mental illness is impossible to neurologically locate, and even harder to define, yet the system has “given” us easy-fix solutions in the forms of prescription drugs.  I have this to say: don’t listen to a doctor that tells you “You are broken.” You are your mind, and you are in control. In fact, I challenge you to reject every “impossible” you hear, whether it comes from someone else’s mouth or your own.

That all being said, destructive mindsets are programmed into all of us, and depending on our circumstances, the difficulty of the climb varies greatly. Generations of conditioning and inequality play huge roles in this. But positivity is power, and you can rise above. The rabbit hole is a rental space.

Abraham goes on to state: “Without exception, that which you give thought to is that which you begin to invite into your experience.”  Paranoia, anxiety, intrusive thoughts all fall into this. News media seems a little more evil for over-dramatization when you realize that planting fear of violence in people… actually plants the violence itself. But I choose to believe that evil isn’t reality,  there is just miscommunication and under-education. Reality is love and compassion. Reality is non-physical. The more you say, “people are inherently good,” the more prevalent it becomes, in this vortex of divine creation that we all live in. Namaste takes on a whole new meaning, doesn’t it?

A point of frustration, though, and I’m looking at you, fire signs… is patience. There is a buffer of time between vibrational alignment and manifestation. Think of it as a safety net: there are things we once wanted that we’re glad we didn’t achieve, usually because we didn’t have all the information we have now. (Sound familiar, pet owners?) This buffer of time, then, transforms into a learning period. The only option here is patience. What you want is coming, so be excited about it, and be open to what you might learn about it. In essence, you were put here to create. There is God in you! We’re all a part of it, there really is no need to rush, but no need to stall, either. An energy of allowance is important to feel and understand. “Do not go against the river, but instead, go with it and use its power as your own.” (Thanks, Sorceress Supreme.)

Abraham makes a crucial point on page 62: “Until you practice your vibration, there is often a big gap between the vibration of what you actually want and the vibration that you are offering. However, without exception, what comes to you matches the vibration that you are offering.” In other words: if you are screaming and stomping your feet about getting a new car, you’re not going to get the car, you’re going to get something to scream and stomp your feet at. In another sense: if you get that new car that you screamed for, you might just smash it because you were screaming at something else. Patience is a virtue, and positivity is even more so! Things come to you when you are ready.

There is a theme that I find personally important in these pages: there is a non-physical world, with non-physical beings, and in this world there is only love and happiness. That might sound like “Heaven” to some of you, and “Enlightenment” to others. I’m going to tell you that it’s both, that it exists in the same plane as the physical, and that it is always available to you. That’s where the word “soul” comes in. Or maybe “human electromagnetic energy field” to others. Point being, that’s the real you, the essence of you, you at your highest form! Abraham calls this the Inner Being. And, according to Abraham, this inner being is not only made of love and light, as it were, its here to help you and guide you along the path that will make you happiest. Yes, you are here for yourself, and self-love just became spiritual. Think of this as a built-in self-check system: your Inner Being thinks you are the best thing in all of existence, and any negative emotion is a way for your own soul to tell you whether or not you’re on the beautiful path that you deserve.

So, this brings me to another point: pay attention to how you feel! This may have come easier to me as a water sign, but, how we feel is everything we have. There are two options that follow the observance of a negative emotion: change your situation, or change your perspective. Instead of simply observing the world around you and letting it displease you, attend to what you want, through action or imagination. Both are equally productive. The balance between both, I think, is what brings about the smoothest flow of creation right from your own fingertips.

Abraham speaks of the creative workshop process as an exercise in vibrational alignment through imagination and control of thought. What does that mean? Quiet the negative thoughts completely, i.e. sit in a place that brings you peace. Imagine what it is that you want… in such vividness that you feel the emotions you’d feel having achieved it. Individed attention, pure positivity, and intense desire is the magic potion of manifestation. Abraham details the workshop process on page 41. God is the ultimate creator, according to many, and divinity is in every one of us! Not an individual, but an energy network that we are all inherently a part of, animals and humans alike. Abraham makes a beautiful analogy: you were put here to paint the most satisfying self portrait you could ever imagine. Grab your brush!

I have a little side note to add here… Abraham makes a point to state that changing your mindset is a process, and doing is correctly requires increments. In that sense: don’t put pressure on yourself to manifest things instantly. This detracts from the entire process. Take baby steps! Don’t quit your job tomorrow because you refuse to fail at manifesting… it’s much more likely that the sudden flip-flop will stress you out, and then you’ll create more stressors. You’ll know when you’re getting the hang of it. Similarly: as a being of kindness and compassion at your inner core, making guilt-free decisions boosts the morale of everyone around you, and raises your vibrational frequency by default! (Do I really need to say the word vegan or fair trade to get that point across? Doing the right thing is never wrong!)

If this all sounds too good to be true, I challenge you to this: wouldn’t an omniscient creator want nothing but happiness for his children? And what do you have to lose if you don’t believe in such things? Your cynicism?

Reading on, and posting after I get though 70 more pages,



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