Spirituality for the Left-Brained

Happy Monday, everyone! As magic and all it encompasses is the majority of what I think about these days, I thought I’d talk a little more about how it incorporates into my daily life. From what I’ve seen, I/E-STJ/ Ravenclaw/ A-type ish people have a clear tendency to shy away from the vague and the mystic. From one Pinterest using, planner addicted person to another: do it your way. I have some ideas you might love.

First of all, in my opinion, astrology is currently the most easily accessible “magic system” of the moment. It’s pretty trendy right now. (I couldn’t be happier about that.) That being said, it takes about two seconds to get your natal chart, and about two more to look up every planet and house’s meaning. To this I have to say: save graphics to your phone! I have a “Magic” folder, with info graphics on the signs, the planets, and the houses. I myself am nerdy enough about this to have a constellation viewer app, too. I bought a Witch’s Almanac at the beginning of the year that divides the calendar by each sign’s season, includes the moon phases, and is sprinkled with Pagan holidays from all different cultures. I always have it open for the monthly overview, especially for the full and new moons of the year. It’s pictured in the top left.

For those who appreciate routine, I’d highly recommend in investing in a tarot deck. It’s a daily ritual of mine. Divide the cards into major and minor arcana, and pull a major card every morning to give you some guidance for your day! I prefer it to reading a horoscope, as other writers’ pessimism became absolutely useless to me. The cards have a way of never lying. (It’s especially convincing when the Universe sasses you.) I’ve found that even when a card seems absolutely wrong on the surface level, researching deeper on the internet can provide supplemental information that is, dare I say it… pretty much never wrong. Read on!

As an exercise in consistent mindfulness and, in essence, reprogramming, I’ve started a visualization journal. I’ve been keeping a diary since January 3rd, but it’s more or less melded into my “manifestation planner.” I write about, in detail, what I want in the future, affirmations, recent self discoveries, so on and so forth. Usually, something will strike me during the day and inspire me to add it to my manifestation shopping list. It’s a dream journal! I also have dream boards on Pinterest and Instagram, to keep a clear visual, and they look like this:

Lastly, I use my bullet journal not only as a daily planner, but a studious-looking grimoire. I have a page of the 2017 moon phase schedule, hand-lettered affirmations, and most recently: Human Design Notes! My boyfriend’s mom is a Human Design specialist and teacher, coincidentally, so that’s where my open door was. Check out her website here! She gave me a chart reading over breakfast a few weeks ago, and it not only brought me a lot of peace, but my curiosity about the subject skyrocketed! I’m reading one of her earlier books right now. (Annotating in a way my AP Professors would’ve been proud of.) Inside The Body Of God is available on Amazon, here! Karen is an amazing woman, and I’ve never been more inspired to write a book of my own. So click these links! Trust me on this one! 

In summary: there are no rules unless you want to make them. You can approach medical science and witchcraft in the same way. Fear not! 

Taking notes,


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