Abraham Part 2: Creation and Allowance 

Another Monday is here, and I have some more studies to share with you! I got through another 70 or so pages of The Law of Attraction: The Basic Teachings of Abraham, including The Science of Deliberate Creation and The Art of Allowing. It’s a little vague and difficult to understand upon the first read, so I think my interpretation should be helpful. Emphasis on should. If you haven’t read my first post on this, the following words will probably mean little to nothing to you, so check out my previous post here!

Before the literature shifts to the creation section, there are a few key points I deemed worthy of sharing. Jerry asked a question about success that struck me: “What is the mark of success?” and Abraham simply states, “The achievement of anything that you desire…” I find myself to be a person that sets high standards, values others’ opinions of success, and, honestly speaking, puts a lot of pressure on herself to be the best she can be. Well… attraction doesn’t really work that way. Setting a so-called high standard is, almost without exception, the act of acknowledging what you don’t want, and turning your nose up to it. This is not the way. In simple terms, by law of attraction, if you don’t want something… ignore it completely. Don’t even give it the time of day. The more you get “hung up” on something, the more you think about the parts you don’t want, and thus, it appears before you. The glass must always be half full. That is, if you ever want more water.

Abraham also makes a point to emphasize that, because of the nature of reality on Earth, there is a grace period between vibrational alignment and manifestation. Okay, got it. But, they go even further to state that momentum is essential to keep in mind. A negative feeling can be felt, but, you can make sure it doesn’t gain any momentum by stopping it in its tracks. A few metaphors were used: when you wake up feeling great, you usually have a great day, but when you start off your day with something like a headache or a missed alarm clock, Law still applies to you, and whatever mindset you find yourself in feeds into the rest of your day. Normal, day-to-day manifestations are easy for us to accomplish, at this point, because we have wired our own brains to be accustomed to the way our world appears. We believe in the Sun, and we expect it to rise, and so, the Sun shines. Conviction causes reality… not the other way around. Which leads me right into the next section.

So, Abraham begins to discuss The Science of Deliberate Creation, and a science it is, indeed. On that first page of the section, 75, they state: “…the equation of creation has two parts: the launching of the thought and the expectation of the thought– the desire for creation and the allowing of the creation.” Desire with doubtless belief is the enchanted cocktail. Earth just happens to be the perfect practice ground for manifestation, because of that pretty little grace period. The Newtonian way to achieve things is action. Do, work, grind, all those buzzwords. But the Quantum way, the vibrational way, is to bring intent to reality with pure thought. Action is a part of this Earth we call home, but, Abraham states “When you positively anticipate with your thoughts, the amount of action required is far less, and the action is much more satisfying.” Only when you are truly, without contradiction, excited about taking an action, should you jump to do it. Somewhere along the way, our souls that have been stars and cosmic energy and fire and ghosts… decided that they wanted a physical form to enjoy our creations with. Earth energy is sensory, existential, and tangible. (I’d imagine a lot of air signs have spent many past lives on other planets all together….) Long story short: Newtonian physics is the long, hard, no-guarantees way to go about things. Quantum physics, when acknowledged and utilized, shows us where the perfect, most fulfilling action awaits us.

A main theme of this chapter is the soul itself. I have some statements, for you, to entertain and perhaps keep in the back of your mind from now on: at your deepest, truest level, you are a divine energy being driving a flesh mobile. You chose to be here. You are capable of the most divine creations. Yes, you see through the eyes of this weird meat robot, but you have access to the countless experiences your soul has been through, at all times. Your feelings are your guidance system— it’s the only efficient way to communicate as a flesh pilot. A meat driver. Skin captain. Pick your favorite. That thing driving you is here on Earth to learn and expand. The other side to an all-knowing God is an all-observing God, is it not? You, with your piece of divinity in you, are in Abraham’s words, “…adding to the expansion of the Universe.” So, your little pilot is on a reconnaissance mission, in essence uploading all its findings to the Collective Consciousness Cloud. Perhaps, in one of those non-space-time dimensions, all the souls are chatting with each other about what they found.

An exercise is written in this chapter, to help you with fine-tuning your abilities. On page 87, it says: on three pieces of paper, write something you want at the top. Underneath that, on the front, write the reasons why you want it. On the back, write the reasons why you believe you will have it. Don’t force it, just write what comes. In this, you increase: your clarity, your desire, and your conviction. Let yourself feel exhilarated while you do this, too… it strengthens the creation. In fact, Abraham states that “Thoughts evoking great emotion manifest more quickly.” That being said, the things that are currently in your life that bring you joy need to be appreciated. This not only sustains current creations, but gathers momentum for future ones. Focus is crucial in this stage of learning, as well, because the neuropathways have not been built to do these things automatically. You are essentially conditioning yourself to no longer feel doubt. But this early work will pay off… because, by Law, your positivity will attract things to be happy about, and by default, it will become exponentially easier. Abraham recognizes that current circumstances may be a result of past miscreation, and with that, says: “In extremely negative situations, we would suggest distraction rather than trying to change the thought…”

A key point that jumped off page 101, for me, is ” Quantum leaps are not achieved by enhancing the belief part or the allowing part of the equation. Quantum leaps are enhanced by increasing the wanting part.” The only way to speed up your creation is by increasing your desire. Cases of superhuman strength in times of crisis all stand as examples to this point. I have some tips for increasing your desire that don’t require anything traumatic… making dream boards, writing visualization journals, and if at all possible, going out to physically see and touch the object of your desires. Walk in a Tiffany Co., visit your dream neighborhood, follow people on Instagram that live lives you’re picking pieces from. Inspire yourself. It’s the jumping-off point. Don’t get caught up in the details of how, as they tend to feed worry, but focus on your most perfect end results, and work out the details from there. Focus on the what and why, instead. Start at happiness and work backwards! If this time-space reality was able to instill a desire in you, it has the means of fulfilling that desire, in its most perfect form. Abraham emphasized this.

The Art of Allowing chapter walks a fine line between stupidly simple and impossibly complex. But, in truth, this representation is not inaccurate to the nature of the subject itself. Abraham defines the Art, on page 120, as “finding a way of looking at things that still allows your connection to your Inner Being at the same time.” And I will reiterate: the glass must be half full. No ifs, ands, or buts about it… positivity is divinity, and it must be embraced! Through compassionate action that fills you with pride, through relentless optimism, through making yourself into the most loving, tender being you can be.

There is a motif of conflict in the first part of this chapter, and it was especially eye-opening to me. A wrong must not be opposed, but instead, a right must be reached for. A problem must not be dwelt on, but instead, a solution focused upon. In “human logic,” may I so pretentiously say, this is an effect without a cause, but– it is simply the focus on the positive instead of the negative. A quantum warrior sees the atrocity of today for but a moment, then fights his battle with only the vivid image of a brighter future in his sights. (That sounded pretty dramatic, but you get the idea.) Abraham states, “When you can look into this world and feel joy all of the time, you are an Allower.” It is emphasized that, as an individual, you must also have the discipline to participate only where there is joy. Pretty powerful stuff.

And, a final word, until the last and final Abraham installment…

“Everything you perceive is from the perspective of self; and if you are not selfish enough to insist on your connection or alignment with your broader, wiser Inner Being, then you have nothing to offer to others.”

Forever staying positive,


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