Astrological Overview: August 2017

August is here, everyone, and this month is full of life and action! Summer is in full swing, and I think you’ll like what the stars have in store for you. 

Leo season started on the 22nd of last month, and it was a joyous end to the testing time of Cancer. The Sun in Cancer illuminated the dark spots, allowed you to feel what was necessary, and at times it felt the whole world was… crying it out. But now that we have cultivated ourselves, it is time to step onto the stage that is Leo. The fixed sign of fire tells you to stand strong in your convictions, and express those things you have been holding in. Depending on where Leo falls in your chart, this kind of energy makes itself tangible immediately. Warmth, pride, and passion will be the overarching mood throughout this cosmic month.

Uranus turned retrograde from Aries on the 29th of last month, and will stay backwards until the 29th of December. Uranus is the rebel planet, ruler of Aquarius, and astrological spearhead of all that is freedom. Its placement in Aries will only make this sentiment more daring. While this figure is usually the instigator of revolution, a retrograde shifts the focus to the innermost self, rather than the external. This reversal will charge us with the energy to look into ourselves and be truly honest with how free we really are. Are your commitments joyous promises, or obligations? Are you following the safe path, or the path that makes your heart race? These truths will be not be presented to you quietly, at first, but that initial shock of clarity (should you listen to it) will lead you to enlightenment in one form or another.

The full moon of the month is on the 7th in Aquarius, allowing you to take what you’re ruminating about under the retrograde, and do some hands-on learning. Not only will everyone be out of the box this day, but you might begin to feel that the box never really existed at all. Be creative, be fearless, be rebellious– because, with this energy, everyone will be open to it.

The night of the 11th is the peak of the Perseid meteor shower. The best time to see it is around midnight, although the moon rises late that evening and gives off some light interference. The shower itself appears to spray directly outward from Perseus’s sword, reminding us to be our most fearless selves. Comet 109 kicks off some of the most fiery debris out of any comets, so it seems especially fitting to Leo season. It’s supposedly the brightest one in many years, so I’d recommend viewing it! 

Mercury turns retrograde in Virgo from August 12th through September 5th. As someone with Mercury as a ruling planet, and lots of Virgo in her chart, I’m making big plans for this movement. Mercury rules all forms of communication, so during this time, words are misconstrued, transporatation is frazzled, and even technology itself tends to glitch and lag. Anything involving the transfer of… well, anything, is spotty during this time. The earthiness of Virgo encourages you to be as practical and sensical as you can. Stick to your plans, and be ready to take on any curve balls with the steadiness of the earth itself. Deep breaths, you’ll be fine.

Your main focus is to deal with these retrogrades until the 21st, when two major cosmic events fall. During the day, the Sun gets eclipsed by the moon in Leo. Here in the South, it’s about 67% covered, but in Washington D.C. 90% of the light gets shut out! The eclipse happens right over the royal star Regulus, the heart of Leo the Lion. I’ve read that the Sun can represent the ruler of a country, so leaders across the globe might be effected. More personally, your leadership skills might be tested somehow. Or, perhaps, the ego itself will have a shadow casted over it. How ironic it seems that Cancer’s moon covers Leo’s Sun one last time as a final hurrah. When night falls, the moon is new in Leo. It is the second Leo new moon of the year. Self expression borderlines aggression, confidence borderlines standoffish tendencies, and fire fights fire. Be patient with the fiery people in your life, and if you are one yourself, think not once, but many times, before you speak.

Virgo season starts on the 22nd. Summer is entering its final phase, and so, the earthiness and patience of Virgo will aid you in your preparations for Fall… whatever those might be. Practicality and attention to detail will hang in the air, waiting for you to grab them. The initial emotional release of Cancer season was followed by the celebratory air of Leo season, and so, the Summer rounds itself out with a quiet introspection. Virgo begins her season with her ruling planet in retrograde, but by September 5th, her light can shine outward, rather than be limited to the confines of her own sanctum. (Just about in time for the school year to start, go figure.)

Saturn turns direct in Sagittarius on the 25th, and since April 5th, you have been in a state of acquiring tools and readying yourself. You’ve been double, triple, quadruple checking everything. Saturn is the disciplinarian of the planets, and it feels like your boss took the day off when he’s not there. You have been questioning structure and restriction in your life. But, it has turned direct, so that clarity you searched for will make itself apparent. While the clarity is there, it may be wise to push back any future-altering changes until the 5th of next month, when Mercury turns direct.

So, in summary… enjoy this phase with a heart as open and warm as a lion’s. Challenge your own thoughts. Look yourself in the mirror and ask if everything is really working. Gather all this information to act tactfully, come September 5th. The stars are here to help you on your journey. You are never alone!

Thanks for reading,


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