Beauty Friday: Manna Kadar Radiance Bronzer/Highlighter

Happy Friday, everyone! I had to share this recent discovery with you: the Manna Kadar Radiance Split-Pan Bronzer Highlighter. This is really the first Summer of my life where I’ve gotten the healthy-human-recommended-amount of sunshine and I’m actually a couple of shades darker than my usual the-lightest-shade-isn’t-light-enough hue. I don’t even really have that much experience with bronzer, and I’ve stopped contouring since I lost a bunch of weight from working out, then even more after going vegan at the first of the year.

That all being said… I love this product! The powders are creamy and extremely pigmented, an absolute must for such a small pan size. Seeing as I’m so fair, though, the product will last me quite a long time, personally. The bronzer is the perfect warm brown without being too orange, and it has a bit of a sheen to it, which is especially flattering for the forehead and temples. The highlight is a lovely peach shade, which is a nice blush topper for me, and I use a brighter highlighter for the tip of the nose and cupid’s bow. Both shades, with their high pigmentation, would also make excellent eye shadows.

Manna Kadar’s products are listed on as approved across the board. Hooray! Manna herself is a French native beauty entrepreneur who moved to Southern California to follow her dreams. Her products are listed as “double duty,” with the intent of streamlining the everyday makeup routine. Vegan, paraben free, cruelty free and allergy tested, I’d say I’m a fan of hers already! The quality ingredients are even listed on her website. Check it out! It’s also available here, on Amazon (for less than $12!).

Getting some sun,


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