Abraham Part 3: Allowance and Intention

Another week is beginning, but this time, I’ll start off with an ending. This is the third and final installment of my Abraham Law of Attraction series. If you haven’t already, please check out Part 1 and Part 2 of the series. The organization of this information was very deliberate, and reading out of order just won’t do it justice. And with a full heart, let’s get started on the information!

The last third of the book falls just about in the middle of the Art of Allowing section. The first idea of note in this section was, to me, “prepaving.” Abraham explains this in a rather ambiguous way, but from my understanding, it is the concept of setting yourself up to be in a positive, healthy environment. The metaphor of surprising, tragic news stories is used. When you see a headline about death, or war, or anything of the like, the moment you decide to not allow that negativity to effect you, you are paving the way to seeing less of that in your future. The media has a way of sensationalizing events to spur an emotional reaction in its viewers, and while doing your part to make the world a better place is a high vibration activity, wallowing in the tragedy of the world is not. There is a fine line here: things like volunteer work and donating to charity make a difference with these issues, but, guess what: feeling bad about others’ struggles doesn’t actually help them, and even more pertinent, it hurts your creative process! Don’t spread negativity… people going through hardship really don’t need any more of it.

Abraham also visits the idea of the half-awakened mind. Let me elaborate. About halfway through this book, you’ve probably been testing out these strategies, and more or less measuring your results, and accumulating data of all kinds. It is stressed, here, that “You are continually in the state of becoming.” You came here to learn, and the learning never stops! With that, as you’ve been introduced to this idea, you may find yourself caught between two perspectives: you have proof, in your perspective, to the credit of both Newtonian physics, and Quantum Law. Abraham actually explains this, as I’d imagine it’s a place of disbelief for a lot of people. According to Abraham, your past negativity lingers for a while in your experience, specifically because of that manifestation grace period/ time delay. “Much of the clutter of your past momentum is now moving from your experience.” You don’t expect to lose 5 pounds the first time you do cardio, do you? Manifestation is like a muscle. Every time you work out, you get closer to your goal.

Then, the chapter titled Segment Intending begins. The main idea: focus on one thing at a time, then periodically switch between the different things you wish to accomplish. As we’ve learned, a wish-washy-ness between mindsets takes away from your power, and with that, focusing on one desire at a time conversely makes those thoughts even more powerful! Abraham mentions the media, again, it is such a huge source of information that it can subsequently serve as a mode of distraction rather than clarity. To this I say: be extremely selective about what you regularly consume. Media serves no purpose if it isn’t improving your life. Clarity is comforting, and confusion, nine times out of ten, is a negative stimulus. Simply: take it step by step, and if something seems to big and impossible for you to accomplish now, think about something else!

An excellent tip is written on page 167: carry a small notebook with you, so you can write down your focuses as you move throughout your day. The things I write down in my bullet journal have stayed at the forefront of my mind better than they ever did in my phone notes. “Writing something down onto paper is your strongest point of focus.” This is scientifically proven, too, and you can check that out here on NPR’s website: “Attention, Students: Put Your Laptops Away.”

The differentiation between Meditation, Workshops, and the Segment Intending Process is made a few pages later. Meditation serves the purpose of “quieting your conscious thinking mechanism in order to sense the Inner World.” The Workshop Process gives “specific and precise thought to the details of what you want.” Segment Intending is done to eliminate two major interferences: “influence of others who may have different intentions than you do, or the influence of your own old habits.” Prioritizing what is most important to you (rather than what is easiest, maybe) is a powerful tool to amp up the process, as well. Your emotions are a magnet, and what is important to you is always coupled with passion and drive. It is also emphasized that others’ influence can be weakened if you are “clear enough and strong enough in your wanting.” Thought rebellion, more or less, but not a war. Getting caught up in someone else for a moment will not ruin your creation, though, as long as you don’t let it gain momentum. No, the purpose is not to eliminate sadness or anger or negativity: it is to listen to these feelings, and move consciously in a direction away from what causes them.

Your anger, your heartbreak, your suffering… these are tools in your arsenal. This is your guidance system telling you that your situation or your perspective is incorrect. No, we are not put here to be miserable, but we simply wouldn’t know what was right for us if we didn’t feel anything but joy.

The more you practice your segment intention, the more natural it becomes, and after 21 days of focus, neuropathways are made to do the heavy lifting for you. There is a way to check up on your incoming manifestations, though… you will see signs of what you want everywhere. I’ll use a personal example. I went on a trip, recently, and as I walked to the baggage check line, I looked down at my borrowed black suitcase, then back at everyone else’s black suitcases, and culminated a desire for pink luggage. I stated it aloud. We got to our destination, and I browsed vegan leather luggage online while we waited to get picked up. Desire: check. Clarity: check. When we returned to the airport for our trip home, what did the woman in front of me at the baggage check line have? A giant, hot pink vinyl suitcase. The man behind me at security had a small magenta carry on. Needless to say, I’m excited for my new luggage to show up… and even more excited to go places to use it!

You see it everywhere, you notice aspects of it everywhere, you’re feeling great when you think about it, and you think about it all the time… these are the signs that it’s under construction. In Abraham’s words, a creation can be as much as 99% complete before you see the physical evidence of it. I challenge you, now, to this: value your feelings over everything. They are the catalyst, they are the power, they are the realest force on this Earth. Abandon your conditioning, even just for a week, and think: my mind creates everything. Not working, not asking, just thinking. Try it, when you’re ready and able to leave doubt behind. You may just shock yourself and everyone else.

This is rather bittersweet for me, as I’ve finished my first dive into this profound thing we call The Law of Attraction. (Slash quantum physics, slash manifestation, slash straight up magic.) I am worlds ahead of where I was at the beginning of the year, the beginning of this book, and even just the beginning of July. These words have been a catalyst for much of the faith and positivity of my current mindset. This book, for me, was like a gateway drug into whole-heartedly believing in magic. That all being said, though, this piece is not for one with a half-open mind, or a half-open heart. So, dear readers, if you feel you are in a place where you are capable to receive, I couldn’t encourage this book more. It will challenge you, inspire you, and spark your curiosity to consume more and more of the good vibrations this world has to offer. Thank you so much for going on this journey with me, and I assure you, you’re all invited to go on many more!

Jumping off the ledge,


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