Beauty Friday: Mineral Fusion Nail Lacquer

Happy Friday, everyone! Today I’ll be talking about my new favorite thing to buy from Whole Foods: Mineral Fusion Nail Lacquer

Within my hunt for vegan, cruelty-free polishes I ended up at Whole Foods Market one fateful day last month. I made a beeline for the cosmetics section and… there it was. 20+ colors of beautiful, non-toxic, vegan laquers. (It was a bit of a movie moment for me.) Unfortunately my mission was not to buy every single color in stock. I was there to replace my used up, crusty Sally Hansen glitter top coat with something spectacular. And there she was… the Mineral Fusion Nail Lacquer in the color Snowflake. A glittery, flecked, opalescent fairy dream. 

I went home and brushed it on over my favorite cornflower blue, and the coat was a total success at the boyfriend’s family 4th of July weekend. The glitter transferred successfully from the base, unlike previous experiences I’ve had with glitters, and said base was sturdy enough to last two weeks without touch ups. Two weeks! And it was still hard to get off! I don’t see that as a downside, though, considering that I felt the strength of the Polish protected my long natural nails. 

I’ve since given myself a different manicure:

I know, I know… short round nails who?! To be quite honest, I broke my nail in an unfortunate incident on a plane. Instead of being my usual stubborn, super-glue-using self, I decided to regrow them totally. Now you know. 

To achieve this look, use a classic pink of your choosing, and brush on a thin layer of Wet N Wild‘s Megalast Salon Nail Color in Break the Ice. (This dirt cheap brand is high quality and cruelty free!) Then, carefully apply the Mineral Fusion glitter, starting halfway down the nail. Finish off with your favorite top coat! 

If you’re relatively easy on your nails, this look will last you just about two weeks. 

Happy painting,


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