Beauty Friday: LUSH Imperialis

As someone with naturally oily skin living in a more or less tropical area, I have a bit of a complicated relationship with moisturizer. I’ve tried many, and my biggest problem used to be finding one that wouldn’t leave me looking like an oil slick in the morning… but now, I’m looking for that, AND all vegan ingredients!

LUSH Cosmetics came to mind (and not just because many of my dear friends work there). Their pronounceable ingredients, public stance against animal testing, and to-die-for fragrances have all been pluses in my book for a long time. And besides the occasional honey, many of their products are vegan! In a brazen detachment from my recent top-shelf pick, Paula’s Choice Skin Balancing Invisible Finish Moisture Gel, I went for the website-proclaimed “one size fits all” Imperialis Moisturizer from LUSH. 

And I wasn’t disappointed. I suffer from the classic actually-dry-skin-that-overproduces-oil, so moisturizers can be tricky for me to actually pin down. But, as advertised, it works for everyone… which, surprisingly as a skin type outlier, includes me!

The cocoa butter/shea butter/olive oil base is perfectly hydrating while being light. The floral infusions, a long list including elderflower, lavender, and orange blossom, packs a punch in both the skin soothing and fragrance departments. Uh, love! It smells like a lavender dream (one of my favorite smells, like, probably ever). When I under moisturize, my skin is dull and texture gets really noticeable, but when I overdo it I just look like a slimy mess. This does neither of those things. Thank goddess. 

If you’re in the market for a moisturizer, and don’t really know what you’re looking for, I couldn’t recommend this more. And, you’re supporting ethical business! How high vibe! 

Exfoliating and hydrating,


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