Eclipse Madness: What happened? 

Hello everyone, Monday is here and you know what that means: the Solar Eclipse! Oh, and the dawn of Virgo season, if all your Virgo friends/ Beyoncé fans haven’t been hounding you about it yet. I don’t know about you guys, but since the 8th, life has been absolutely insane. I’m gonna talk about it in astrological terms.

It all started when the Aquarius full moon got eclipsed by the Earth this month. The eclipse before the eclipse, you could say. Most people wouldn’t notice the moon not being out unless they’re avid moonwatchers like me, so I think everyone kind of got blind sided. Thus, “eclipse season” was born… between August 8th and August 21st, all hell has more or less broken  loose. 

On August 8th, Sirius (a huge, far away bigger-than-our-Sun-star) aligned with our Sun and, in mystical terms, “basked our planet in double the light energy.” High vibe everywhere on the 8th. The eighth day of the eighth month has some numerological overtones, too, and you could call it an “angel date” due to the repetition. Eight represents infinity, power, divinity, and higher consciousness. This energy blast peaked on the 8th, but only god knows what you did that still has consequences. Something so big is probably still winding down. Either way, isn’t that a lot of energy to be exposed to without even realizing it? 

So we have all this crazy mystical powerful energy, during Leo season nonetheless, and then on the 13th Mercury goes into retrograde. Uh, could you find a better time to do that please? Now all these larger than life ideas have been bouncing around in your head, but it’s twice as hard to get them across. September 5th sure does feel a long way away. This Mercury retrograde has been a tough one for me, personally. (Anyone else been feeling like the only thoughtful person they know lately? Is that a Virgo thing?) And, unfortunately for your Virgo friends, their season starts with their ruling planet with its back turned. Thanks, Mercury. 

And then, the month’s main event, today’s complete Solar Eclipse over Regulus, the heart of Leo the Lion. Leadership, pride, and ego will all be under high scrutiny… but in, like, the biggest way you’ve probably ever experienced if you’re anywhere near my age. Let’s talk about the ego itself for a minute, though– spiritually speaking, and I almost laughed when I first heard this, the ego is the “monkey brain.” Our subconscious/intuition being our divine side. Wait, lions and monkeys? Okay, okay, the ego is an earthly thing. A human thing. Surface level, easy access, human default settings. 

So we get our probably less-than-ideal dependence on our ego thrown in our faces today. Huge ideas, keeping quiet about them, then this?! What is actually happening? Well, to me, this looks an awful lot like a not so optional lesson in manifestation for the world. The art of aligning yourself with your intentions, and bringing them into existence on the physical plane. Very quantum. Inspiration, waiting for the right action (i.e. shutting up about it during the retrograde), and releasing our magic-smothering egos to just let it happen. 

After all, the definition of divinity is inarguably love itself, so the Universe is kind of built for you not to suffer. But you have to allow it. I think these past days have been a huge growing period for Earth, but specifically for the people who are paying attention. Modern mystics like you, who, if you’re reading this right now, have probably felt it coming for a long time, too. 

But, if you’re not very well-versed in lifting your vibration, this kind of cataclysmic energy is a lot to handle. I’d argue that it’s a lot to handle even if you’re some master manifestor. Or if you’re sensitive. Or if you’re an empath, like me. If you’re open, you not only feel other people, you feel the planets, and then you feel the other people feeling the planets. If your vibe is going a little haywire, too, what I’m here to tell you is: you’re not alone!

In reprise: eclipse season just gave you a mini manifestation lesson. It was probably kind of insane for you. Here we sit, Mercury in retrograde until September 5th. I warn you: Saturn goes direct on the 25th, and you’ll have clarity you haven’t had since April. Proceed with caution, but confident caution. Even in Mercury retrograde, your intuition won’t lie to you. Hold on to that lesson of easing your ego… it will be useful to you for your entire life. 

Thanks for reading!


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