Hurricane Hiatus

As you all have probably heard, the Houston area is taking a serious beating from Harvey. Never has a hurricane just decided to park it on top of us, before! I’m incredibly fortunate, though, and living in an area where the flooding is minimal. 

That all being said, I won’t be putting up anything until the storm passes. The storm formed so quickly that I didn’t even prepare any posts to queue! I’ve lived in this area my entire life, and we’ve never seen anything quite like this. Houston (or anywhere, for that matter) just isn’t designed for five straight days of heavy rainfall. My city is underwater right now. 

If you have any capacity to give, there are some local options that make a huge difference: 

These are just a few. People in the area can’t even do much if they don’t have a boat, so, your (our) kind donations will go a long way. I look forward to putting out more content for you when this thing blows over. 

Staying dry,


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