Beauty Friday: Glossier Boy Brow

Happy Friday, everyone! The school year has started and everything is finally starting to fall back into a regular schedule. (Although I must say my first day back this school year was more chaotic than most.) That all being said, I’ve really had some time to try out a bunch of new cosmetics… and none of them have been flops! Gasp! It’s almost like… I thoroughly research products before I buy them.

Okay okay, let’s talk about boy brow. I’ve been dying to get my hands on some Glossier products for months, especially after my skin clearing up as a positive side-effect of veganism. The no-makeup-makeup-look is much more comfortable that way. The only time I break out these days is lapse of routine, hormonal shifts, or an overabundance of processed foods in a week. But Daiya cheese is just so good on everything.

Regardless, I’ve also found that big-brand (and often not cruelty-free) items are harsh and heavy on my skin, anyway. That leftover MUFE foundation is even less appealing at this point… thus my thirst for Glossier products was born. I’ll probably talk about the skin tint next week, but I think it better to start off with their #1 Best Seller….

Boy brow wasn’t incredibly appealing to me when I first discovered the brand, if I’m honest. All their too-chic-to-stand models have bold features and faces with even bolder brows, and my face just isn’t built like that. (If you knew me in high school, you would know that I had to learn that the hard way.) I was made with soft brows and an ovular face, not a Jenner-sharp jawline and strong brows and almond eyes. And a name like Boy Brow…? For someone as seriously femme as I am? I was reluctant. The ABH Brow Wiz has been my best friend for years, I swear by it, and I’m still using it on cake-ier days. Yet, I wanted a simpler solution to looking groomed everyday… I’m famously slow when getting ready, but alongside all the others in the minimalist movement, I decided it’s time to take it back a notch.

On Glossier’s site, the gel is claimed to have a “soft, conditioning hold” inspired by “healthy, face framing brows.” Well, that sounds pretty good actually… it seemed to be a cult favorite, so I decided to go ahead and order it. I ordered in Blond to dial back the brows-on-fleek-ness, just in case. And I was surprised to find that it does exactly what it claimed to! It takes your brows and polishes them, basically, without plastering them to your forehead or making them too much to handle. Not crunchy, not flaky, not too harsh, doesn’t transfer or fade. A dream come true? As a faint-brow having girl in a bold-brow loving world… I have a product that works for me, too! Check it out on the Glossier website, here, and if you decide to buy anything, use this link for 10% off:

More to come,


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