Hello, everyone! I have some announcements as far as how this blog is going to look over the next month…

First and foremost: my school year has begun yet again. This is my last year at community college, and I am packing in as many classes as I can before I transfer out. (I was incredibly close to just finishing my AA until I realized how close I am to my BFA.) Due to some huge personal changes in my life, though, I’m about to have a lot more alone time… which is what this week off is for. There’s a new road ahead, and although it seems a little daunting at the moment, that’s how all the grand adventures start!

Secondly, I’m currently in the transition between a WordPress hosted website and a self-hosted site. So, I may be changing my domain. I will keep you posted. That being said, I’m working on the construction of my new site, building and editing the theme, setting up ads and affiliate programs, the whole nine yards! This school year is going to be all about the grind: school, fitness, and monetizing this blog. The cocoon stage, basically. Butterfly Kylie is going to be awesome. (Butterflylie for short.)

Even though I won’t be posting here, I’ll still be active on my social media: Instagram, Facebook, and Pinterest.

Don’t forget about me while I’m gone! It’s only a week!

See you after Libra season starts,


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