Astrological Birth Chart Readings

I’m offering Natal Chart readings and Human Design Chart readings!

If you’re interested in astrology, and have been holding out on getting a reading because: it seems expensive, you don’t really know much about it, or you don’t want to Skype some weird old lady, I’ve got you covered! (LOL!)

For those of you interested in Classical/Western Astrology:

FullSizeRender (2).jpgFullSizeRender.jpg (Here are my charts, for reference: courtesy of Cafe Astrology)

For $25, I will break down your chart planet-by-planet, and explain the significance of all of the placements. This is perfect for anyone who doesn’t have prior knowledge outside of your Sun sign. (“Ugh, she’s a Gemini!”) Also, I talk about it all in more modern terms… not the archaic language you’ll find on other sites. Expect about a full page of information. I’ll have this to you no later than a week from when I receive your payment via Paypal. If I’m running late, I’ll let you know, and refund you $5 for your patience. When you contact me, please include: the date, time, and place of your birth. If you’re not sure about the exact time, anything within two hours is still accurate. Also, if you have any specific questions you’re hoping the stars will be able to answer, please include those as well, but try to keep them on the simpler side.

I’m also willing to video call you to have a more in-depth conversation about your chart! Prices for this will vary, but I will need to do a write-up before I even start talking to you, so expect to pay the $25 in advance. Baseline will be $40/hour. Please contact me so we can talk about the setup for this one.

If you are interested in your Human Design:

I’m pretty excited about this one! Human Design is new age astrology that pulls from multiple different disciplines, including the Chinese I Ching, classic Western astrology, and even expands on the widely known Ayurveda (chakra healing) from India. It is the blueprint your soul chooses before it incarnates on Earth. You put all these together and you get something that looks like this:

FullSizeRender (4).jpg(This is my Human Design Chart, image taken from Jovian Archive.)

I’m currently studying under Human Design Specialist Karen Parker to get certified in Healing By Human Design, so these affordable prices won’t be here forever. Take advantage of my student prices while they last!

For $35, I will analyze your chart to explain your Type and your Open Centers. That”s the big picture: the shapes in the chart and what they mean. This is a very complex and rich system, so that’s about half of the information actually shown. (It is the most important half, though.) For another $35, I will analyze all your Gates and Channels, or how your energy centers connect to each other. This will provide a more detailed picture of who you really are. If you’d like to go ahead and get it all done at once, it will only be $60. The first part will be a couple of pages, and the second will be multiple, so I will need a week for each segment once your payment via Paypal has gone through. Again, I’ll need your birth information, and if you have any itching life questions: include them.

To ask me any questions, plan a reading, or schedule a video appointment, please contact me at!

I look forward to hearing from you!







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